I was born and raised in South Dakota, on my family’s farm removed enough from society to be a little different than my peers. My parents are still madly in love after 45+ years of marriage and I have 3 siblings who all deeply love and respect each other… most of the time. We grew up across the road from our grandparents, so I loved walking to their house to bake, play pretend and hear stories from the Depression Era.

My education was a bit diverse… I went to a small, country school for first and second grade, a private school for third grade, homeschooled for fourth through tenth and attended a church school for the last two years, graduating the top of my class (of 3). I consider myself mostly homeschooled and identify with many of the misappropriations and justified stereotypes! I later went to college and found that my homeschool experience was what equipped and served me most at the post secondary level.

I’ve been a public schooler’s mom, Christian school mom and a homeschool mom. I’ve been a single parent and a married, supported parent. So I’ve done it all in terms of how to educate our children both on the giving and receiving sides of the coin. My husband and I married in 2018, creating a blended family, now with 5 kids. We are in the thick of it with homeschooling and navigating life’s adventures. Currently, we have all the stages at once from breastfeeding to busting outta the nest and everything in between! Whatever your schooling experience and whatever the path in front of you, I see you and I’ve probably been there!

The wanderlust bug bit me at an early age. I remember telling my grandma grandiose stories of all the places I intended to travel. I thought I’d study abroad. Even as a single parent I dreamt of backpacking Europe with my eldest son. I’ve been to Mexico on a missions trip, Brazil for a month, and all over the United States. While I used to think that travel was too expensive and out of reach for our family, I have learned there are frugal ways to find adventure. We go as close as our own backyard and as far as a family road trip. Our family goal is to incorporate more travel and eventually to try road schooling and maybe even a bit of world schooling (variations of homeschool which focus on experiencing culture and travel as part of the education). And perhaps backpacking in Europe with the kids may still happen…

I am launching an online homeschool mom support community with courses. If you’d like to check it out and join in the community where we build each other up, learn together and grow ourselves to inspire our kids to have a lifelong love of learning, click here!